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Patent XC-241: 1848-05-26, Stump-extracting machine

X Number Date Inventor City Title
XC-241 1848-05-26 John McMichael Dumfries, ON Canada Stump-extracting machine


XC patents are Canadian patents issued between 1824 and 1869. The patent image was found in the 1860 book, “Patents of Canada, from 1824 to 1849”, published by the Canada East's Bureau of Agriculture and Statistics. “At the extremity of the lever there is a handle, six feet long, with a crook at one end, with pins fixed in it for the convenience of lifting up and drawing down the lever. There can be a windlass placed in a position convenient for the purpose of assisting in working the lever; it is made of plank fixed in a piece of timber about eight by four. The sides, which contain the top pulley are made to incline towards the machine, in order to suit the sweep the lever will make; in moving up and down, the rope passes through a pulley at top and one in the bottom piece, and round the windlass, and, by being reversed, will lift the lever up and down. This windlass will be required only in extreme cases; it can be worked by a boy, by means of the handles, which are intended to be moved from one mortise to the other, as the windlass moves round.”

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