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 +====== Patent XC-259: 1849-08-02, Improved hinge ======
 +^ X Number ​     ^ Date       ^ Inventor ​      ^ City             ^ Title  ^
 +| XC-259 ​      | 1849-08-02 | Charles Midgley | Montreal, QC Canada | Improved hinge |
 +===== Comments =====
 +XC patents are Canadian patents issued between 1824 and 1869. Scans of this patent are not available.
 +"It consists of two parts: one fastened to the carriage box, the door casings, the window casings, and the gate post; and the other to the door, window, window-blind,​ window-shutter,​ and gate. The moveable part receives its motion from a slide by means of cogs, arranged in a semicircular manner upon the hinge and fitting the cogs exactly on the side, so that by drawing or pulling the slide, the door, window, &c, move in a semicircle. Near the extremities of the semicircular cogs are two raised inclined planes, arranged so as to fit plane to plane, two more that are grooved out upon the slide at the same distance from each other, that those are upon the hinge when the door, &c, is shut, one plane of the slide fits one of the hinge sliding plane, and plane together so that the notch in the moveable part of the hinge is entered by a guard when the door, &c, is thrown open; the other plane of the slide fits the other plane of the hinge sliding plane and plane together, and a second notch is entered by the same guard. Thus the hinge is so constructed and combined as to exactly move by the slide and fasten itself in these two positions. Two inclined planes with their inclinations towards each other on the slide, and two with their inclinations from each other on the hinge, situated at just half the distance of those described, would throw a carriage door in its proper position, or the door of a house or window that opens inwards..."​
 +===== Information Sources =====
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