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Patent XC-267: 1849-08-13, Saw mill

X Number Date Inventor City Title
XC-267 1849-08-13 Charles Midgley Montreal, QC Canada Saw mill


XC patents are Canadian patents issued between 1824 and 1869. Scans of this patent are not available. “It has for its object the regulation of the feed of saw mills, the inclination of ways for a saw frame, the slide bolster, and the side bolster of the carriage-wheel. The motion of this wheel has heretofore been attempted to be governed by “dead or stationary hand or hands” so called, which do not prevent the too great advance of the wheel, and but partially the re-action of the same,—whereas the patentee has discovered that friction, properly applied, remedies both these defects. The nature of this friction consists in applying the principle by a lever purchase, a bearing, a wedge, a brace, a weight, a screw, clamps, or springs, by a combination of these principles, or by applying friction to any appendage connected to, or in contact with the wheel, or by increasing the number or size of the gudgeons. There would still be a lateral spring of the carriage-wheel shaft, which would prevent the feed from being exact. To counteract this, the patentee uses boxes, bearings or friction rollers placed along the carriage-wheel shaft at suitable distances, and having thus obtained control of the wheel, one or more additional rag irons of different sized notches may be used in order to obtain greater variety of feed, as upon either rag iron can go one notch or two, or more at pleasure, of the saw frame. This has always moved in or on perpendicular ways, whereby the saw had to be driven forward the whole of its cut, which inlines the strain of the saw to the central line of the saw frame, thereby causing injury to the saw or frame. The patentee has invented inclined ways in which, or on which, the frame moves in sections; these sections are parallel to each other, but so inclined that the saw recedes from the log when it ascends, and advances on it when it descends…”

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