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 +====== Patent XC-285: 1850-05-25, New and improved plough or subsoil grubber ======
 +^ X Number ​     ^ Date       ^ Inventor ​      ^ City             ^ Title  ^
 +| XC-285 ​      | 1850-05-25 | Alexander Fleck | Montreal, QC Canada | New and improved plough or subsoil grubber |
 +===== Comments =====
 +"There is a horizontal or principal beam with cross bars to receive the legs, there are also cross bars to receive the out legs. The legs are prepared with a mortise to fit in the ends of cross arms, secured by an iron wedge made moveable. The is an iron pelvis perforated with a circular hole, fitted to a spindle and secured by a pinching screw. There is also a cast iron wheel with an iron scraper to prevent the wheel from lagging. The iron arms, or handles, are secured to the beam by iron nuts and screw bolts, and other necessary apparatus. From the simple construction of said plough, the several parts are easily repaired or re-instated by the most inexperienced mechanic or labourer."​
 +===== Information Sources =====
 +(To be filled in.)
 +    ​
 +===== External links =====
 +[[http://​​mfgindex/​detail.aspx%3Fid%3D5241|&​quot;​Vintage Machinery&​quot;​ entry for Vulcan Iron Works, Alexander Fleck Co.]]
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