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Patent XC-292: 1850-04-02, Improved stave jointer

X Number Date Inventor City Title
XC-292 1850-04-02 William R. Seaver Montreal, QC Canada Improved stave jointer


XC patents are Canadian patents issued between 1824 and 1869. “It consists in providing two planes with unequal faces and coupling the said planes together on a moveable gate, so as to set them at different angles to one another; and in operating the said planes by a reciprocating motion, to plane the joints of staves of any bulge on the edge, the one plane shaving in one direction, and the other plane shaving in the opposite direction, cutting both ways in the reciprocating motion, and also planing off the rough parts, and smoothing by the constructing of each plane. Two or more sets of planes mav be operated on each frame.”

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