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 +====== Patent XC-340: 1851-11-06, A new and important machine for the manufacture of laths ======
 +^ X Number ​     ^ Date       ^ Inventor ​      ^ City             ^ Title  ^
 +| XC-340 ​      | 1851-11-06 | Peter Rothwell | Toronto, ON Canada | A new and important machine for the manufacture of laths |
 +===== Comments =====
 +XC patents are Canadian patents issued between 1824 and 1869.
 +"To put the machine in motion, power is applied to a driving pulley, with a wheel at each end of its spindle; one, communicating with that part of the machine connected with a moving table on which slabs of saw logs are laid and cut into lath boards, the other communicating with that part to which the machinery is attached for cutting the laths themselves. The table with the slab is moved forwards and backwards by a series of wheels, connected together by revolving bands or belts, and the lath boards are made to slide by similar means. The lath boards pass between cylindrical wheels, and are carried forward, without further aid, by the attendant, after being laid on the table and their ends introduced. They are carried by a revolving belt under, and raise up a grooved wheel, and a spring connected with the spindle thereof causes a ratchet to move round one notch. The wheel contains one hundred notches, and a bell fastened to its axis strikes when one hundred laths have passed through."​
 +===== Information Sources =====
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 +===== External links =====
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