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 +====== Patent XC-363: 1852-08-10, R. Might'​s portable horizontal and self-acting sawing machine ======
 +^ X Number ​     ^ Date       ^ Inventor ​      ^ City             ^ Title  ^
 +| XC-363 ​      | 1852-08-10 | Robert Might | Cavan, ON Canada | R. Might'​s portable horizontal and self-acting sawing machine |
 +===== Comments =====
 +XC patents are Canadian patents issued between 1824 and 1869.
 +"It is portable, being framed in hard-wood sills, and worked by hand, or it can be attached to any other motive power. It is self-acting,​ the whole process of cutting and feeding the saw being accomplished by the adaptation of the apparatus to those objects, and the saw has a perfectly direct action, never deviating from a straight line, and giving as nearly as possible a true horizontal stroke. This last desideratum is obtained by the construction and arrangement of a balance crank with a pitman attached. A saw slide connected by a coupling iron to the pitman, two saw cases and three guides. The saw is connected with the slide by two screw bolts, and the latter is kept in position by the guides and cases. The feeding of the saw is regulated by a weight, and the whole process of cutting and feeding, after rolling in the log and setting the length gauge, is accomplished by raising the saw, which causes the log to pass forward to the required length for each successive cut. It is applicable to all kinds of cross cut sawing, of wood, stone or metal."​
 +===== Information Sources =====
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 +===== External links =====
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