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 +====== Patent XC-50: 1839-12-04, Certain new and useful improvements in the construction of steam engines ======
 +^ X Number ​     ^ Date       ^ Inventor ​      ^ City             ^ Title  ^
 +| XC-50       | 1839-12-04 | William Nunns | Montreal, QC Canada | Certain new and useful improvements in the construction of steam engines |
 +===== Comments =====
 +XC patents are Canadian patents issued between 1824 and 1869. Scans of the patent drawing are not available; the patent specification is summarized below. The inventor is described as an Engineer.
 +"The main principle of the said invention (without prejudice to the minor points of detail in the said description,​ specifications,​ and drawings so styled, as aforesaid set forth), consists in so constructing and arranging the water-wheel shafts, water-wheel flanges, water-wheel beams, boxes, coverings and other apparatus, and parts of steamboats and other vessels propelled by paddle-wheels,​ as that the whole of such apparatus and parts as do, when the paddle-wheels are in use, project beyond the stern or over the sides, or above the gunwale of the vessel, may, upon occasion, and with great facility, be removed, lifted up, or drawn in, and the vessel may thus be enabled to pass through a lock of little or no greater width or length, or under a bridge or other work of little or no greater height than would be necessary to enable her to pass the same, if she had no paddle-wheels."​
 +===== Information Sources =====
 +(To be filled in.)
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 +===== External links =====
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