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Patent XC-83: 1845-10-10, New and improved sawing machine

X Number Date Inventor City Title
XC-83 1845-10-10 Alexis Hébert Napierville, QC Canada New and improved sawing machine


XC patents are Canadian patents issued between 1824 and 1869. Scans of this patent's drawings are not available; the specification is summarized below. The inventor is described as a Cabinet Maker. “This invention consists of a large wheel, the nave of which has twelve spokes and a cross piece, the end of each spoke having also a tenon at each end; there must be a wheel at each end of the arm, fastened with tenons, which wheels will, taken together from the large wheel, be covered or decked over with planks, and in which will be placed a horse on each side of the spokes, and the wheel having six spokes, and surrounded with cogs, will be fastened and bound to one of the ends of the nave of the largest wheel, each of the spokes of which to have a fuse at each end, with mortises into the fellows of the wheel, and each spoke to be secured or fastened with a screw; there is a small flywheel to turn on the cogs of the large wheel; an iron axle fixed to the small nave by one end joined to another larger wheel at the other end, which last must be surrounded with large cogs; there is an iron chain with proportioned links for the cogs; this chain must also turn a small nave, which must also have cogs proportioned to the links ; this last mentioned small nave must have a large iron axle at one end, joined to a jack-wheel at the other end; the above mentioned iron axle must be placed so as to be at right angles with the large wheel, having the cogs also fastened by a chain to one of the spokes of the end wheel. Nine inches from the centre of this wheel, a crank is formed which impels movements and drives the machine.”

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