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X Number Date Inventor City Title Status
FX-1678.5 1812-03-04 Elijah Thayer Leicester, MA Machine for making boots and shoes Recovered
FX-1681.5 1812-03-12 Millen Battle Herkimer, NY Boat Propeller Recovered
FX-1706.5 1812-04-01 Isaiah Jennings Philadelphia, PA Suction pump and fire engine Recovered
FX-1848.5 1812-12-13 John Bouis Baltimore, MD Oven for baking Recovered
FX-2267.5 1815-02-16 Zina Phinney Cairo, NY Shelling corn and threshing wheat Recovered
FX-2895.5 1818-01-17 Elijah Skinner Unknown, Unknown Spinning Wheel Recovered
FX-2960.5 1818-06-02 John Sayward Trott Boston, MA Wheel for propelling boats Recovered
FX-3015.5 1818-11-05 Levi Prescott Pittsburgh, PA Machine for napping cloth, etc. Recovered
FX-3063.5 1819-02-03 Stephen McCormick Fauquier Court House, VA Plough Recovered
FX-3084.5 1819-03-17 Zadock Harris Zadock Harris Hartford, Washington County, NY Plough Recovered
FX-3112.5 1819-06-05 Barnabas Langdon Troy, NY Boat Recovered
FX-3200.5 1820-05-03 Nathan Winslow Portland, ME Stove for cooking Recovered
FX-3203.5 1820-05-17 Shaylor (Shaler) Ives Chillicothe, OH Machine for making candle wick Recovered
FX-3333.5 1821-05-04 James Wiltse Unknown, Unknown Keel for Vessel Recovered
FX-3564.5 1822-08-09 Anthony Null Philadelphia, PA Saddle trees Recovered
FX-3766.5 1823-10-14 John Nash Tallmadge, Portage County, OH Plough Recovered
FX-4172.5 1825-08-23 Joseph Prentis Chester, MA Mode of manufacturing window and bed curtains Recovered
FX-4273.5 1825-11-05 Reuel Howard Kennebec, ME Thrashing machine Recovered
FX-4749.5 1827-05-14 Ebenezer Avery Lester Boston, Middlesex County, MA Steam Engine Recovered
FX-5497.5 1829-06-11 Allen Barnett Louisville, KY Cooking stove Recovered
FX-5538.5 1829-06-17 Levi Van Voeson (VanHoosen) Norwalk, CT Felt of wool without spinning or weaving Recovered
FX-5548.5 1829-06-29 Nehemiah Peck Fairfield County, CT Cloth manufactured without spinning or weaving Recovered
FX-5702.5 1829-11-07 Chauncey Hall Meriden, CT Nets, seines or fence of wire cords or twine Recovered
FX-6145.5 1830-10-01 Robert McCormick Rockbridge County, VA Hydraulic machinery Recovered
FX-6157.5 1830-10-01 Aaron Balderston Quimby Hagerstown, MD Safety valve Recovered
FX-6346.5 1831-01-21 Willard Webster Canandaigua, NY Propelling mills Recovered
FX-6368.5 1831-02-08 Joseph C. Strode East Bradford, PA Water wheel Recovered
FX-6611.5 1831-06-30 Alexander McGrew Hopewell Township, NJ Safety railway car Recovered
FX-6715.5 1831-08-23 James Stimpson Baltimore, MD Turning short curves Recovered
FX-6844.5 1831-11-20 Benjamin M. Smith Rochester, NY Propeller Screw Recovered
FX-6866.5 1831-12-17 John S. Cram New York, NY Cheese press Recovered
FX-6910.5 1832-01-25 Joshua Randall (Rundell) Claiborne County, MS Cotton press Recovered
FX-7104.5 1832-06-04 Sever Prentiss New York, NY Grist mill Recovered
FX-7140.5 1832-06-26 Aaron Hale Boston, MA Hay Press Recovered
FX-7196.5 1832-08-09 Orrin Sull (Lull) Fayette, ME Double hydrostatic oil-press Recovered
FX-7281.5 1832-11-06 Gideon Hotchkiss Windsor, Broome County, NY Water wheel Recovered
FX-7286.5 1832-11-09 Alexander McWilliams Washington, DC Heating carriages Recovered
FX-7351.5 1832-12-28 Stephen H. Long Philadelphia, PA Car wheel Recovered
FX-7372.5 1833-01-17 Stephen H. Long Philadelphia, PA Steam engine valve Recovered
FX-7592.5 1833-05-23 Robert Beale Sandbornton, NH Slitting timber Recovered
FX-7611.5 1833-06-29 Matthias W. Baldwin Philadelphia, PA Car wheel Recovered
FX-7696.5 1833-08-04 A. Clark Hyde Park, NY Coffee mill Recovered
FX-7915.5 1833-12-30 Stephen H. Long Philadelphia, PA Valve Recovered
FX-7945.5 1833-12-31 Philos E. Blake New Haven, CT Lock Recovered
FX-7946.5 1834-01-09 Nathan T. Davis Wilmington, VT Wheel weather cock Recovered
FX-8144.5 1834-04-13 M. J. Whiton New York, NY Bark mill Recovered
FX-8148.5 1834-04-17 L. Chester (Chesters) New York, NY Cotton roping machine Recovered
FX-8318.5 1834-07-16 S. W. Phelps New York, NY Stove Recovered
FX-8445.5 1834-10-10 Asa Burgess Washington, Litchfield County, CT Clover huller Recovered
FX-8488.5 1834-11-06 Abial Whitman Jr. Portsmouth, VA Bee hives Recovered
FX-8489.5 1834-11-08 William C. Grimes Meriden, CT Clover huller Recovered
FX-8490.5 1834-11-08 William C. Grimes Meriden, CT Clover huller Recovered
FX-8522.5 1834-12-02 unknown King Unknown, Unknown Screening grain Recovered
FX-8547.5 1834-12-17 Charles Beck Wooster, OH Hulling cotton seed Recovered
FX-8557.5 1834-12-23 Zibeon Wilbur Woodbury, CT Corn sheller Recovered
FX-8558.5 1834-12-23 Enoch Ambler Mount Vernon, OH Mowing machine Recovered
FX-8581.5 1835-01-09 Alexander J. Murray Annapolis, MD Cotton press Recovered
FX-8608.5 1835-01-17 Benjamin Morris Unknown, Unknown Trunk Recovered
FX-8736.5 1835-04-02 O. Mack Petersburgh, VA Bee hive Recovered
FX-8736.25 1835-04-02 John Deakne (Deakyne) Oxford, ME Straw cutter Recovered
FX-8736.75 1835-04-02 Luther Carman Philadelphia, PA Horse Power Recovered
FX-8736.375 1835-04-02 Heindrich Bachmann Boston, MA Pump Recovered
FX-8736.875 1835-04-02 Aaron Hale Boston, MA Wheel Recovered
FX-8737.5 1835-04-03 Samuel S. Allen Wilmington, DE Horse power Recovered
FX-8743.5 1835-04-03 Matthias W. Baldwin Philadelphia, PA Car wheel Recovered
FX-8744.5 1835-04-03 Alvin Darling Douglas, MA Water wheel Recovered
FX-8893.5 1835-06-15 Charles Otis Montgomery County, PA Churn Recovered
FX-8901.5 1835-06-16 S. Morill Unknown, Unknown Bee hive Recovered
FX-8952.5 1835-07-07 Samuel Couillard Boston, MA Wool combing Recovered
FX-8975.5 1835-07-17 Reading Ryerson Centre Antrim, NH Churn Recovered
FX-8983.5 1835-07-21 Jordan L. Mott New York, NY Heating stove Recovered
FX-8989.5 1835-07-21 William A. Herrick Buffalo, NY Churn Recovered
FX-9036.5 1835-08-17 Amasa Stone Johnston, RI Take-up motion, looms Recovered
FX-9125.5 1835-09-26 Putman Page Marshall, NY Cooking stove Recovered
FX-9185.5 1835-10-17 Orrin Newton Cincinnati, OH Glass knobs Recovered
FX-9220.5 1835-10-31 Charles Peters Augusta, GA Pump Recovered
FX-9221.5 1835-10-31 Joseph Redelsperger Lisbon, ME Pump Recovered
FX-9292.5 1835-12-15 Arelus A. Wilder Mount Morris, NY Bolting flour Recovered
FX-9302.5 1835-12-30 Aledxander M. Wilson Rhinebeck, NY Mowing machine Recovered
FX-9330.5 1836-01-20 Charles Buckland Westfield, MA Cutting corset ring machine Recovered
FX-9370.5 1836-02-06 E. W. Blake Boston, MA Lock Recovered
FX-9423.5 1836-02-20 David Wilson New York, NY Winnowing machine Recovered
FX-9527.5 1836-03-19 Daniel Fitzgerald New York, NY Horse power Recovered
FX-9611.5 1836-04-21 James M. Woolfolk Oldham County, KY Straw cutter Recovered
FX-9612.5 1836-04-21 George Page Paterson, NJ Mortising machine Recovered
FX-9670.5 1836-05-23 William Woodbridge Kennebec, ME Wheels Recovered
FX-9682.5 1836-05-31 J. A. Wilkinson Providence, RI Shoe machine Recovered
FX-9692.5 1836-06-02 Moses Day Roxbury, MA Domestic spinning Recovered
FX-9704.5 1836-06-06 Amos Larcom Troy, NY Washing machine Recovered
FX-9741.5 1836-06-20 Henry Durell New York, NY Comb Recovered

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