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X Number Date Inventor City Title
NX-2640 1816-07-05 Northrop Rockwell Castleton, Rutland County, VT Mill for grinding, washing, etc, gold and silver ores
NX-2904 1818-01-28 A. D. Leroy New York, NY unknown
NX-3033 1818-12-03 Lemuel Goodrick Hudson, NY Plough
NX-3105 1819-05-15 Lot Forrester Ridgefield, CT Family spinner and bobbin winder
NX-3150 1819-12-15 Silas Hawes Bennington, Bennington County, VT Carpenters Square
NX-3408 1821-11-22 B. Fenny Readsboro, VT Plough for covering corn, etc.
NX-3708 1823-06-05 Thomas D. Burrall Geneva, NY Machine for cleaning clover seed
NX-3721 1823-07-01 unknown unknown Unknown, Unknown Plow
NX-3740 1823-08-21 Daniel Berrien Philadelphia, PA Extinguishing fires in chimneys
NX-3741 1823-08-21 unknown unknown Unknown, Unknown Gold Washing
NX-3742 1823-08-21 Nathaniel Barrett Paris, Oneida County, NY Machine for hulling grain
NX-3743 1823-08-21 unknown unknown Unknown, Unknown Furnace
NX-3744 1823-08-21 Lewis Gillet Copenhagen, Lewis County, NY Backs for forges and furnaces
NX-3745 1823-08-21 unknown unknown Unknown, Unknown Spinning Machine
NX-3746 1823-08-29 unknown unknown Unknown, Unknown Thresher
NX-3747 1823-08-29 Obediah Hackney Lebanon, Warren County, OH Hackney's plough
NX-3753 1823-09-19 unknown unknown Unknown, Unknown Spinning Machine
NX-3797 1823-12-31 unknown unknown Unknown, Unknown Chain
NX-3798 1823-12-31 Benjamin Lovejoy Augusta, Oneida County, NY Thrashing machine
NX-3817 1824-02-13 unknown unknown Unknown, Unknown Washing Machine
NX-3818 1824-02-19 unknown unknown Unknown, Unknown Rocking sofa chair
NX-3819 1824-02-20 Orange H. Dibble Niagara County, NY Removing Earth
NX-3828 1824-03-11 Thomas Williams Pittsylvania, VA unknown
NX-3829 1824-03-11 James Lee Ogden, Monroe County, NY Bricks, Machine for Moulding and Making
NX-3835 1824-03-18 William J. Stillwell Root, Montgomery County, NY Bee-Hive
NX-3837 1824-03-27 Daniel Gordon Lower Chanceford, York County, PA Catching Fish
NX-3838 1824-03-27 William Bowling Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, VA Spring tilt hammer
NX-3839 1824-04-02 John Gallaway Baltimore,, MD Tobacco and Iron Case Press
NX-3848 1824-04-13 Joseph Dixon Jr. Philadelphia, PA Steam Engine
NX-3852 1824-04-20 John Moon Falls Township, Bucks County, PA Corn shelling machine
NX-3856 1823-09-19 David Johnson Richmond, OH Machine for boring holes in chairs
NX-3866 1824-05-06 Henry Lainheart Jr. New Orleans, Orleans Parish , LA Steam engine
NX-3867 1824-05-10 H. Heiner Mifflin Township, PA Fire proof cement
NX-3879 1824-03-27 Nathan W. Conklin Jamaica, NY Spring Saddles
NX-3887 1824-06-15 William Cahoon Winfield, Herkimer County, NY Washing and scouring machine
NX-3888 1824-06-17 Hiram Hubbard Palmyra, Wayne County, NY Corn shelling machine
NX-3927 1824-08-27 John Wilson Manlius, NY Mill for hulling and grinding grain, etc.
NX-3945 1824-09-24 Nathaniel Gillet Jr. Tallmadge Township, Summit County , OH Plough
NX-3946 1824-09-25 A. Spicer Jr. Portage Township, Talmadge County, OH Plough
NX-3960 1824-11-09 Samuel Sperry Nashville, TN Water Wheel, Letting on Water
NX-4000 1824-12-28 Aaron Dana Troy, Rensselaer County, NY Casting balance beams with notches
NX-4001 1824-12-30 John Griggs Jr. Ashford, Windham County, CT Spinning wool
NX-4002 1824-12-30 Henry N. Nichols Burlington, Chittenden County, VT Machine for raising and supporting scaffolds
NX-4003 1824-12-30 Elisha Allis Cazenovia, Madison County, NY Harness for weaving wire
NX-4036 1825-02-19 John Gill Plum Township, NY Removing earth, stone, etc.
NX-4074 1825-04-02 Nathan A. Stoddard Pawlet, Rutland County, VT Traverse Springs
NX-4080 1825-04-11 George Bird Walpole, Norfolk County, MA Paper Polishing
NX-4110 1825-05-12 Holly Seely Unadilla, Otsego County, NY Rivets and Bolt Cutter, by Letter Purchase
NX-4902 1827-10-16 Robert Gerry Boston, MA Lever purchase, rivet and bolt cutter
NX-5212 1828-08-29 Uriah Brown Washington, DC Improvement in steam engines, &c.
NX-5285 1828-11-27 Jacob Van Dorn Glen, Montgomery County, NY Safety gate for canals
NX-5318 1828-12-29 Abel Bayard South Reading, Middlesex County, MA Polishing Morocco
NX-5367 1829-02-13 William Beach Philadelphia, PA Plough
NX-5420 1829-04-03 Henry Wilson Pomfret, Chautauqua County, NY Cooking stove
NX-5436 1829-04-06 Samuel Conillard Jr. Boston, MA Machine for roping and spinning wool and cotton
NX-5489 1829-06-11 Harvey W. Campbell Lockport, NY Glass formed by a combination of moulds
NX-5490 1829-06-11 James Maxwell Jersey City, NJ Hand printing press
NX-5624 1829-08-29 Charles Howard Kingham, MA Floating excavator
NX-5626 1829-09-03 George M. Selden Troy, NY Ploughs
NX-5690 1829-10-27 John Brown Providence, RI Basin or reservoir pump
NX-5722 1829-11-23 Phineas Slayton Lockport, NY Corn shelling machine
NX-5769 1830-01-06 Anthony Hermange Baltimore, MD Double rack and pinion
NX-5770 1830-01-06 Joseph Woodhull Livingston County, NY Sawing
NX-5771 1830-01-08 Joshua Ayers Brookfield, NY Boot trees
NX-5776 1830-01-15 William H. Folger Charlotte, NC unknown
NX-5777 1830-01-15 Peter Tomlinson Derby, CT unknown
NX-5780 1830-01-18 Isaiah Jennings New York, NY unknown
NX-5781 1830-01-18 Isaac Knight Baltimore, MD unknown
NX-5782 1830-01-18 Joseph Woodhull Rochester, NY Machine for propelling ships
NX-5784 1830-01-19 Amos Salisbury Troy, NY unknown
NX-5785 1830-01-20 John Rynex Boston, MA unknown
NX-5786 1830-01-20 R. Doolittle Galway, NY Tonnage Meter
NX-5788 1830-01-22 Mark L. Chase Frankfort, ME Fire Place
NX-5789 1830-01-23 E. Cady Unknown, Unknown Grist Mill
NX-5790 1830-01-23 I. Pierpoint Unknown, Unknown Plow
NX-5793 1830-01-26 H. Smith Unknown, Unknown Knife Sharpener
NX-5794 1830-01-27 A D. Armstrong Unknown, Unknown Seed Sheller
NX-5795 1830-01-27 unknown Whistler Unknown, Unknown Gold Separating
NX-5796 1830-01-27 W. Coffield Unknown, Unknown Catching Ducks
NX-5797 1830-01-28 unknown Tiers Unknown, Unknown Tiller Wheel
NX-5798 1830-01-28 A. Watson Unknown, Unknown Dredger
NX-5800 1830-01-29 D. Flagg Jr. Unknown, Unknown Sawing Boards
NX-5801 1830-01-29 B. Phillips Unknown, Unknown Propelling Boats
NX-5802 1830-01-29 W. Sherwood Unknown, Unknown Loom
NX-5803 1830-01-29 unknown Clark Unknown, Unknown Threshers
NX-5804 1830-01-30 P. Hunt Unknown, Unknown Purifying Salt Water
NX-5810 1830-02-01 A. Beals Unknown, Unknown Lock
NX-5811 1830-02-02 I. Cooper Unknown, Unknown Hub Box
NX-5812 1830-02-02 B. Sutto Unknown, Unknown Propelling R. R. Cars
NX-5814 1830-02-03 A. H. Stevens Unknown, Unknown Hat Making
NX-5816 1830-02-04 L. Barber Unknown, Unknown Churn
NX-5817 1830-02-04 C. Clark Unknown, Unknown Thresher
NX-5818 1830-02-05 J. Dewey Jr. Unknown, Unknown Thresher
NX-5819 1830-02-05 John Ewing Worcester, MA Churn
NX-5820 1830-02-06 S. Hyde Unknown, Unknown Axles
NX-5821 1830-02-06 John Ravenel Charleston, SC Rice Cleaner
NX-5822 1830-02-09 J. B. Carpenter Unknown, Unknown Lever Press
NX-5823 1830-02-10 P. Summay Unknown, Unknown Gold Washing
NX-5825 1830-02-11 B. Morris Unknown, Unknown Lever Press
NX-5827 1830-02-13 J. W. Post Cayuga County, NY Drilling Rock
NX-5828 1830-02-13 J. A. Smith Unknown, Unknown Pump
NX-5829 1830-02-16 unknown Cross Unknown, Unknown Paint Mill
NX-5830 1830-02-16 J. M. Patton Unknown, Unknown Steam Navigation
NX-5831 1830-02-16 A. A. Beach Unknown, Unknown Washer
NX-5835 1830-02-19 A. A. Beach Unknown, Unknown Churn
NX-5836 1830-02-19 B. Reeves Unknown, Unknown Steam Engine
NX-5837 1830-02-19 S. Wilson Unknown, Unknown Plow
NX-5838 1830-02-19 W. R. Collins Unknown, Unknown Type
NX-5839 1830-02-22 I. Groff Unknown, Unknown Carding Machine
NX-5840 1830-02-22 D. Mayer Unknown, Unknown Thresher
NX-5841 1830-02-22 W. K. Scott Unknown, Unknown Flax Machine
NX-5842 1830-02-23 S. Forker Unknown, Unknown Percussion Lock
NX-5843 1830-02-23 C. Greenwood Unknown, Unknown Spining Jenny
NX-5844 1830-02-23 E. H. Blank Unknown, Unknown Paper Making
NX-5846 1830-02-24 S. Fahrney Unknown, Unknown Sausage Machine
NX-5849 1830-02-27 A. Dunbar Unknown, Unknown Boot Crimper
NX-5850 1830-02-27 W. Magaw Unknown, Unknown Paper Making
NX-5851 1830-02-27 W. H. Phyfe Unknown, Unknown Curtains
NX-5852 1830-02-27 M. Rich Unknown, Unknown Dog Irons
NX-5853 1830-02-27 S. F. Jones Unknown, Unknown Railroad Car
NX-5854 1830-02-27 S. F. Jones Unknown, Unknown Railroad Car
NX-5856 1830-03-02 J. M. Syme Unknown, Unknown Dam
NX-5857 1830-03-02 Z. Allen Unknown, Unknown Cloth Finishing
NX-5858 1830-03-02 Z. Allen Unknown, Unknown Cloth Finishing
NX-5859 1830-03-04 W. W. Smith Unknown, Unknown Raising Boats
NX-5860 1830-03-04 I. Eaton Unknown, Unknown Door Spring
NX-5861 1830-03-05 W. Coleman Unknown, Unknown Grist Mill
NX-5862 1830-03-06 C. L. Clowes Unknown, Unknown Washing Machine
NX-5864 1830-03-08 unknown Benedict Unknown, Unknown Stove
NX-5865 1830-03-08 J. A. Carver Unknown, Unknown Window Fastener
NX-5866 1830-03-10 John M. Read Unknown, Unknown Cradle
NX-5867 1830-03-10 J. Robinson Unknown, Unknown Sausage Cutter
NX-5868 1830-03-10 A. White Unknown, Unknown P. O. Stamp
NX-5869 1830-03-10 J. Bogardus Unknown, Unknown Clock
NX-5870 1830-03-10 W. P. Orrick Unknown, Unknown Railway Car
NX-5871 1830-03-10 D. Toms Unknown, Unknown Staves
NX-5872 1830-03-12 I. Finlay Unknown, Unknown Railroad Car
NX-5873 1830-03-04 David Parmerlie Reading, CT Grinding apples, corn, bark, &c.
NX-5874 1830-03-12 A. Parker Unknown, Unknown Brick Machine
NX-5876 1830-03-14 unknown McEween Unknown, Unknown Churn
NX-5877 1830-03-15 P. Blake Unknown, Unknown Tooth Brush
NX-5879 1830-03-16 J. J. Giraud Baltimore, MD Boiler
NX-5880 1830-03-19 C. Atwood Unknown, Unknown Slubbing
NX-5881 1830-03-22 W. Hovey Unknown, Unknown Plane Irons
NX-5882 1830-03-22 G. W. Long Unknown, Unknown Bridge
NX-5883 1830-03-23 J. Oothoudt Unknown, Unknown Churn
NX-5884 1830-03-23 A. Porter Unknown, Unknown Grist Mill
NX-5885 1830-03-23 R. Walker Unknown, Unknown Plow
NX-5886 1830-03-24 L. Blake Unknown, Unknown Type Markings
NX-5887 1830-03-25 W. Carlock Unknown, Unknown Hats
NX-5888 1830-03-26 J. Hampton Unknown, Unknown Preserving Meats
NX-5889 1830-03-27 unknown Halladay Unknown, Unknown Flax Machine
NX-5890 1830-03-28 J. R. Wheeler Unknown, Unknown Water Wheel
NX-5891 1830-03-29 T. Bladen Unknown, Unknown Making Crackers
NX-5892 1830-03-29 P. Spear Unknown, Unknown Quadrant
NX-5893 1830-03-29 unknown Sowle Unknown, Unknown Churn
NX-5894 1830-03-30 A. Stearns Jr. Unknown, Unknown Staves
NX-5896 1830-04-01 I. Brewster Unknown, Unknown Boot Crimper
NX-5897 1830-04-01 T. Ingersoll Unknown, Unknown Thresher
NX-5898 1830-04-01 W. Carwithe Unknown, Unknown Thresher
NX-5901 1830-04-02 D. Sears Unknown, Unknown Fan Mill
NX-5902 1830-04-02 unknown Carlton Unknown, Unknown Clap boards
NX-5904 1830-04-06 unknown Butler Unknown, Unknown Tire Bending
NX-5906 1830-04-07 S. Fairman Unknown, Unknown Carriage
NX-5907 1830-04-10 J. Irwin Unknown, Unknown Roping Machine
NX-5908 1830-04-10 S. Marsh Unknown, Unknown Truss
NX-5909 1830-04-10 J. White Unknown, Unknown Steam Generating
NX-5910 1830-04-10 S. W. Williams Unknown, Unknown Salt Making
NX-5911 1830-04-12 L. C. Tam Unknown, Unknown Harrow Teeth
NX-5912 1830-04-12 W. Ross Unknown, Unknown Thresher
NX-5913 1830-04-13 F. M. Scott Unknown, Unknown Making Candles
NX-5914 1830-04-13 A. Steele Unknown, Unknown Roping, Slubbing
NX-5915 1830-04-13 T. Beach Unknown, Unknown Propelling Boats
NX-5917 1830-04-14 E. R. Otis Unknown, Unknown Temples
NX-5918 1830-04-15 A. Todgers Unknown, Unknown Chain Paddle Wheel
NX-5919 1830-04-15 W. Bacon Unknown, Unknown Loom
NX-5922 1830-04-19 I. H. Waring Unknown, Unknown Churn
NX-5923 1830-04-19 R. Whitney Unknown, Unknown Screws
NX-5924 1830-04-20 J. Cooper Unknown, Unknown Horse Propelling Machinery
NX-5925 1830-04-20 I. Cooper Unknown, Unknown Thresher
NX-5926 1830-04-20 unknown Arnold Unknown, Unknown Temples
NX-5928 1830-04-21 Derrick Barnard Washington, DC Cast iron plough
NX-5929 1830-04-21 M. Rich Woburn, MA Papillary shield to protect ladies' sore nipples
NX-5930 1830-04-22 unknown Cayford Unknown, Unknown Water Wheel
NX-5931 1830-04-23 T. B. Armistead Unknown, Unknown Aqueduct Pipes
NX-5932 1830-04-23 B. N. Fyler Unknown, Unknown Grinding Grain
NX-5934 1830-04-24 R. P. Clarke Unknown, Unknown Washing Machine
NX-5937 1830-04-27 William Augustus Archibald New York, NY Sugar Making
NX-5938 1830-04-27 William Augustus Archibald New York, NY Sugar Making
NX-5939 1830-04-28 William Augustus Archibald New York, NY Sugar Making
NX-5940 1830-04-28 P. Boynton Unknown, Unknown Water Wheel
NX-5941 1830-04-28 A. Curtiss Unknown, Unknown Butter Making
NX-5942 1830-04-28 W. Sherwood Unknown, Unknown Carpets
NX-5945 1830-05-04 unknown Standenburgh Unknown, Unknown Garments
NX-5947 1830-05-07 H. M. Shreve Unknown, Unknown Boiler
NX-5948 1830-05-07 O. Gardner Unknown, Unknown Cotton Gin
NX-5949 1830-05-07 Samuel Eells II Unknown, Unknown Waterproof Boots
NX-5950 1830-05-07 I. Prince Unknown, Unknown Ink Distributer
NX-5951 1830-05-07 E. Blake Unknown, Unknown Breast Pump
NX-5954 1830-05-08 J. Newbury Unknown, Unknown Percussion Cap
NX-5955 1830-05-10 A. Bristol Unknown, Unknown Churn
NX-5957 1830-05-13 A. Foster Unknown, Unknown Mortising
NX-5958 1830-05-13 J. O. Hara Unknown, Unknown Calenders
NX-5959 1830-05-13 George Henning Unknown, Unknown Hat Making
NX-5960 1830-05-14 B. Bundred Unknown, Unknown Spindle Frame
NX-5961 1830-05-14 J. R. Clark Unknown, Unknown Loom
NX-5962 1830-05-15 E. Ingersoll Unknown, Unknown Mower
NX-5963 1830-05-16 N. Lindsey Unknown, Unknown Thresher
NX-5964 1830-05-17 J. L. Norton Unknown, Unknown Rice Machine
NX-5967 1830-05-19 T. H. Punchard Unknown, Unknown Boot Crimping
NX-5968 1830-05-20 T. Sheffield Unknown, Unknown Raising Boats
NX-5969 1830-05-20 C. B. Goodrich Unknown, Unknown Staves
NX-5970 1830-05-20 A. Cross Unknown, Unknown Furnace
NX-5971 1830-05-20 S. S. Allen Unknown, Unknown unknown
NX-5972 1830-05-20 A. P. Gregory Unknown, Unknown Hats
NX-5973 1830-05-20 I. Hearsey Unknown, Unknown Nail Machine
NX-5974 1830-05-20 unknown Douglas Unknown, Unknown Thresher
NX-5975 1830-05-20 J. Jennings Unknown, Unknown Cooking Apparatus
NX-5976 1830-05-20 I. Sanderson Unknown, Unknown Paste Boards
NX-5977 1830-05-20 A. Batby Unknown, Unknown Pump
NX-5978 1830-05-20 C. P. Sacmeister Unknown, Unknown Piano
NX-5979 1830-05-20 unknown Fisher Unknown, Unknown Thresher
NX-5980 1830-05-20 W. Barkley Unknown, Unknown Distilling
NX-5982 1830-05-21 I. Brown Unknown, Unknown Spinning Machine
NX-5983 1830-05-21 J. Butts Unknown, Unknown Rice Thresher
NX-5984 1830-05-21 C. B. Goodrich Unknown, Unknown Staves
NX-5986 1830-05-22 J. Jennings Unknown, Unknown Lamp
NX-5987 1830-05-22 R. McCormich Unknown, Unknown Hydraulic Machinery
NX-5988 1830-05-22 M. B. Porteaux Unknown, Unknown Mill Machinery
NX-5989 1830-05-22 P. Phillios Unknown, Unknown Tubs
NX-5993 1830-05-24 A. Pond Unknown, Unknown Twine
NX-5997 1830-05-25 J. Rich Jr. Unknown, Unknown Flax Mill
NX-5998 1830-05-25 C. S. Seabury Unknown, Unknown Piano
NX-6000 1830-05-27 C. Varle Unknown, Unknown Self Instructor
NX-6759 1831-09-28 Cheney Reed Worcester, MA Rotary shave for sawing shingles
NX-7319 1832-12-05 Dixwell Lathrop Jr. Lowell, MA Cock to prevent water freezing in pent stocks
NX-8336 1835-04-02 J. Whipple Unknown, Unknown Fire alarm apparatus
NX-8337 1835-04-02 Cephas Manning Acton, MA Grist, paint, and plaster mill
NX-8338 1835-04-02 Jesse Fox Lowell, MA Regulating height of water in steam boilers
NX-8339 1835-04-02 John Miller Providence, RI Rotary and stationary spindle
NX-8340 1835-04-02 Andrew Abbott Portland, ME Cooking stove
NX-8341 1835-04-02 John W. Hood Clark County, KY Truss with appendages for the cure of hernia
NX-8342 1835-04-02 William Baxton Woburn, MA Papillary shield to protect ladies' sore nipples
NX-8343 1835-04-02 F. B. Howell Unknown, Unknown unknown
NX-8411 1834-12-17 Thacker V. Bush Clark County, KY Seeding corn planter
NX-8412 1834-12-17 Warren Johnson Boscawen, NH Corn sheller
NX-8418 1834-12-23 Isaac Isaac Jr. New Braintree, MA Cheese curd cutter
NX-8550 1834-12-23 Isaac Hunter Jr. Unknown, Unknown Cheese curd cutter
NX-9158 1835-10-14 James O'Conner Philadelphia, PA Canal Boats, Transhipment of Merchandise
NX-9300 1835-12-30 A. Kirkpatrick Unknown, Unknown Washing Machine
NX-9667 1836-05-18 Ephraim Treadwell New York, NY Crackers and Biscuit, Cutting
NX-9876 1836-07-02 J. Church Jr. Jr. Unknown, Unknown Grate
NX-9877 1836-07-02 C. Pawling Unknown, Unknown unknown

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