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X Number Date Inventor City Title Status
RX-1 1838-01-09 Julius Hatch Great Bend, PA Grain Drill Recovered
RX-2 1838-04-16 Thaddeus Sellick, administrator Haverstraw, NY Swaging Screws Recovered
RX-4 1838-08-06 J. Swift Gold New York, NY Domestic Oven Recovered
RX-6 1838-12-04 Abraham D. Spoor Troy, NY Grate Recovered
RX-8 1839-04-18 John Mackay Boston, MA Piano Action Recovered
RX-9 1839-07-06 Samuel Couillard Jr. Boston, MA Wool Combing Machine Recovered
RX-11 1839-08-31 Daniel Williams New York, NY Tailors' Measure Recovered
RX-12 1839-09-14 Amos G. Hull New York, NY Improvement in trueese for the cure of prolapsus uteri Recovered
RX-15 1839-10-22 Moses Day Roxbury, MA Domestic Spinning Recovered
RX-18 1839-12-10 William H. Mackrell Bushwick, NY Improvement in Fasteners for Shutters and Blinds Recovered
RX-23 1840-08-26 James Stimpson Baltimore, MD Street Railway Recovered
RX-26 1840-09-30 Peregrine Williamson New York, NY Railway Cooking Stove Recovered
RX-28 1840-11-21 Daniel Williams Troy, NY Cooking Stove Recovered
RX-31 1841-03-18 Elias Howe Cambridgeport, MA Improvement in the application of material called palmofleaf or brub grass to the stuffing of beds, mattresses, sofas, cushions, and all other uses for which hair, feathers, moss, or other soft and elastic substances are used Recovered
RX-37 1842-05-17 Alexander J. Murray West River, Anne Arundel County, MD Tobacco Press Recovered
RX-38 1842-05-17 Solyman Merrick Springfield, MA Wrench Recovered
RX-40 1842-06-08 Austin Packard New York, NY Cook Stove Recovered
RX-43 1842-07-08 Timothy Allen Eel River, MA Making Rivets Recovered
RX-44 1842-08-06 John J. Adams Winslow, NJ Glass Furnace Recovered
RX-45 1833-12-31 Benjamin Morison Milton, PA Balance Scale Recovered
RX-46 1792-10-20 Samuel G. Dorr Albany, NY Cloth Shearing Machine Recovered
RX-47 1834-01-23 C. W. Cook Unknown, Unknown Cloth Dresser Recovered
RX-48 1842-11-12 Isaac Orr Georgetown, DC Heating Stove Recovered
RX-50 1843-04-22 Jeptha A. Wilkinson Providence, RI Improvement in machines for making weaveers reeds by power Recovered
RX-52 1843-09-09 George W. Lyman Boston, MA Improvement to brush wool or flax into teeth set in cylinder or otherwise Recovered
RX-56 1843-10-12 Augustus W. Searle Indianapolis, IN mprovement in the manner or art of mManufacturing scythes Recovered
RX-57 1843-10-20 Levi Disbrow Syracuse, NY Imrpovement in apparatus for boring earth for water Recovered
RX-61 1834-09-17 Unknown Bush Unknown, Unknown Gridiron Recovered
RX-70 1831-12-28 Hiram Deats Quakertown, NJ Plow Recovered
RX-71 1845-07-08 William Woodworth Hudson, NY Improvement in machines for planing, tounguing, grooving, and dressing boards, &c. Recovered
RX-75 1845-08-09 James Roy Troy, NY Improvement in machines for making butt and hinges Recovered
RX-77 1835-10-17 Eliphalet Nott Schenectady, NY Magazine Stove Recovered
RX-78 1846-01-15 William Osgood Troy, NY Improvement in machines for making wrought iron spikes and nails Recovered
RX-83 1846-08-08 Jordan L. Mott New York, NY Improvement in stoves Recovered
RX-89 1836-03-23 John W. Cochran Lowell, MA Machine Gun Recovered
RX-94 1836-06-20 Edward Clark Philadelphia, PA Manufacture of White Lead Recovered
RX-97 1836-07-29 John Goulding Dedham, MA Carding Machine Recovered
RX-98 1823-01-21 Aza Arnold North Providence, RI Double Speeder Recovered
RX-112 1848-05-09 William R. Nevins New York, NY Cracker Machine Recovered
RX-116 1848-06-13 Isaac Adams Boston, Suffolk County, MA Printing Press Recovered

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